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By: Jatin P. Shah, MD, MS (Surg), PhD (Hon), FACS, Hon. FRCS (Edin), Hon. FRACS, Hon. FDSRCS (Lond)

  • Chief , Head and Neck Service, E.W. Strong Chair in Head and Neck Oncology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Professor of Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, New York, New York, United States

By the center of the sixteenth century the Ashikaga shogunate which had accepted nominal Chinese suzerainty was on its final legs weight loss hypnosis order slimex 15 mg without prescription. It was succeeded by a collection of three ruthless military dictators size 0 weight loss pills safe slimex 10mg, Nobunaga weight loss pills meridian slimex 10 mg line, Hideyoshi weight loss pills garcinia cambogia gnc 10 mg slimex, and Ieyasu, who created a powerful unified system of presidency. These political developments occurred simultaneously Japan turned a major silver producer. The Chinese market was hungry for silver, and the gold/silver price ratio was much more beneficial to silver in China than in Japan. Francis Xavier was in Japan in 1549­ 51, and Jesuits have been very profitable in getting converts within the south of Japan. Eventually, the number of Japanese Christians rose to about 300 000 (many extra converts than the Jesuits made in Goa or in China). Japanese have been thinking about Portuguese ships, maps and navigation, and realized one thing of those two strategies. Portuguese technology of that epoch was reproduced in Japanese namban (southern barbarian) art which is displayed most clearly in very massive multi­panelled lacquer screens. The potential of this new weaponry was shortly appreciated by the military who managed to copy the guns and manufacture them in Japan. After 1615, the new shogunate began a profitable coverage to eliminate firearms and prohibit the use of swords to the samurai. In 1596, the Spanish authorities in Manila tried to replicate Portuguese successes in Japan, and despatched a mission of Franciscan missionaries to proselytise. From that time on, Japan turned more and more hostile to Portuguese missionary actions, and made contact with English and Dutch merchants who had no spiritual ambitions. Henceforth trade with the Japanese mainland was confined to Chinese and Dutch merchants. Manila Fernao de Magalhaes had participated within the first Portuguese expedition to the Moluccan spice islands in 1511, and was disappointed with his pay and prospects when he returned to Portugal. In 1517, he defected to Spain, changed his name to Magellan, and persuaded the Spanish crown to finance a voyage by a Western route. Magellan was killed in fight within the Philippines, but the voyage continued to the spice islands and finally received again to Spain. Spain surrendered its claim to the Moluccas to Portugal for a cash payment, but gained efficient management of the Philippines in 1571. The route between Acapulco (on the west coast of Mexico) and Manila had a monopoly in trading Spanish silver against Chinese silks and porcelain. Spaniards took little direct part in China trade, which was mainly performed by Chinese ships, using the large overseas Chinese population of Manila as intermediaries. At the top of the sixteenth century there were 2 000 Spanish living in Manila and 10 000 Chinese. In 1603, a go to by rather pushy Chinese merchants representing the provincial authorities of Fukien gave the misleading impression that China intended to invade the Philippines. The Spanish response was to attack and kill most of the Chinese group in Manila. The Chinese Wan­li emperor executed the trader who had provoked the Spanish, and the trade with China managed to survive this incident. However, possession of the Philippines was by no means a particularly worthwhile enterprise for Spain, and the flow of silver from Mexico by way of Manila to China was a great deal smaller than that from Japan (see Table 2­9). Brazilian Indians have been mainly hunter­gatherers, though some have been moving in direction of agriculture using slash­and­burn strategies to cultivate manioc. They have been stone age women and men, looking sport and fish, naked, illiterate and innumerate. In the primary century of settlement, it turned clear that it was difficult to use Indians as slave labour. The final fate of Brazilian Indians was rather like that of North American Indians. The major distinction was higher miscegenation with the white invaders and with black slaves in Brazil. A much greater proportion of Portuguese gains from Brazil got here from growth of commodity exports and commercial profit than those of Spain from its colonies. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries official revenue from Brazil was small - about three per cent of Portuguese public revenue in 1588 and 5 per cent in 1619 (see Bethell, 1984, Vol. In the sixteenth century, economic exercise was targeting a small population of settlers engaged in a highly worthwhile export­ oriented sugar business within the Northeast. The strategies for this business, including negro slavery, had been previously developed in Madeira and Sгo Tomй. Cattle ranching within the dry backlands area (the sertгo) supplied food for those working in sugar manufacturing. Earnings fell thereafter due to lower costs and competition from the rapidly rising output within the Caribbean (see Table 2­4). The setback in sugar brought on massive parts of the Northeast to lapse right into a subsistence economy. In the 1690s, the invention of gold, and within the 1720s diamonds further south in Minas Gerais, opened new opportunities. During the eighteenth century, there was appreciable immigration from Europe, and inner migration from the Northeast to Minas, to engage in gold and diamond growth. The eighteenth century prosperity in Minas is apparent even today from the number of elaborate buildings and church buildings in Ouro Preto which was the centre of mining exercise. As Minas Gerais is very barren, the food and transport needs of the mining area stimulated food manufacturing in neighbouring provinces to the South and within the Northeast, and mule­breeding in Rio Grande do Sul.

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Starting in 1995 weight loss 3 weeks postpartum generic 10mg slimex otc, North Korea skilled a extreme famine brought on initially by floods however followed by drought in 1997 weight loss pills for dogs 10 mg slimex overnight delivery. Introduction 5 eral hundred thousand individuals died of starvation and perhaps as many as 3 million or so weight loss pills in china discount 15 mg slimex. Overall weight loss pills vitamins that begin x generic slimex 10 mg with visa, starvation has physically and mentally impaired a big part of the North Korean workforce. After partially recovering from a 2008 stroke, he designated his third son, Kim Jong-Un, as his successor. The Types of Collapse the question, then, is when and under what circumstances would possibly the Kim Jong-Un regime collapse? Such a collapse may are available in one of two forms: regime collapse and government collapse. The new ruler can be susceptible to purge most of the senior government leaders and exchange them with personnel loyal to him. In this case, the Kim family regime would fail or be overthrown, and no single particular person or group would be capable of form a new central North Korean government. Most doubtless, factions would develop, each making an attempt to control parts of the nation, with some probably having very weak control even over their own areas. Many central government features would fail, together with a lot of the control system. North Korea has not but suffered either regime or government collapse, but the collapse course of seems to be under method already. Thus, the Kim regime is perhaps best categorised as a "failing or eroding totalitarian system. Planning and Preparing for a North Korean Government Collapse While the main target of this report is North Korean collapse, most of the similar preparations can be required to achieve a profitable unification whether or not Korea achieves unification peacefully or through a collapse. A collapse would clearly be the more challenging case, and thus it makes an acceptable focus for planning, to ensure that the approach is adequately strong to cover each circumstances. But when the preparations are pursued publicly, it will be best to talk about them by way of prepara17 See Scobell, 2008, pp. Many in South Korea really feel that such a collapse would supply the best prospect for Korean reunification. But even in the best of circumstances, South Korea has not adequately prepared the military, financial, and different capabilities that might be wanted to handle a North Korean government collapse. South Korea would undoubtedly name on the United States to provide the required military and financial support. Any Chinese intervention today may prove to be more of an issue than a help, however preparation may additionally rework a Chinese intervention to a big help. Geopolitical actuality would restrict the power of different international locations to provide any substantial help for weeks to months. In the tip, regional stability and financial viability will critically depend on an effective South Korean and U. Because South Korea and the United States are inadequately prepared, a collapse today may have dire consequences. South Korea­led efforts to intervene and achieve unification may become military battle with North Korean forces, a North Korean insurgency, and military confrontation with China. As noted above, it begins with the potential adverse consequences of unification, seeks to establish the challenges that would trigger these consequences, and proposes responses to the challenges. For instance, one doubtless consequence of a North Korean collapse can be a humanitarian catastrophe that might largely be because of inadequate food and drugs in North Korea and the hoarding of what does exist. Hoarding is probably going because the federal government collapse will make the North Korean received of questionable value,18 forcing individuals to trade cash for goods and maintain them as a way of financial Figure 1. North Korean authorities have repeatedly tried to forestall the use of international currency, partly by collecting it, with only modest success. The elites are inclined to have international currency and may use it to maintain financial value instead of transferring to goods, decreasing some of the causes for a decreased food provide. See Chico Harlan, "In North Korea, Role of Foreign Currency Grows," Washington Post, February 15, 2012. Such an effort would require all three international locations to make immense preparations of help plus transportation and safety capabilities wanted to ship that help. As another instance, China may determine to thwart unification by intervening in North Korea in support of a faction that it identifies as "the legitimate government of North Korea. But China has additionally been largely unwilling to talk about a collapse state of affairs out of concern of showing disloyal to its North Korean ally (and probably destabilizing the North when the North is already in a harmful situation). But note that such an information operations campaign must begin now, well before a government collapse, after which be adjusted as circumstances develop. The Need for Better Preparation Both the educational and public policy literature have tended to ignore or significantly underestimate these potential consequences. Mitigating these consequences requires a broader and more explicit understanding of them and of the "challenges" that would exacerbate them. These mixture challenges include (1) an inadequate overarching strategy to Figure 1. There is a need to establish (1) potential responses that specify what must be done, (2) how these actions need to be timed and sequenced, and (3) the way to accomplish them via politically acceptable means. The literature addresses a few of these challenges and some potential responses however misses many others and is seldom sufficiently explicit to clarify the bundle of actions that actually need to be taken. Many of the challenges relate to inadequate military capabilities and plans for coping with North Korean military forces of reportedly 1. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates indicated that he would send primarily air and naval forces to handle Korean contingencies, instead of the U. The mismatch between 12 Preparing for the Possibility of a North Korean Collapse necessities in specific functionality areas and present capabilities is even more critical and must be better characterized so that motion could be taken to redress the shortfalls. Chapter Two addresses the possibilities for collapse, recognizing North Korea as a failing state that would collapse and result in Korean unification.

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Reflectance spectrophotometer for L worth 57 58 Cosmeceuticals and Active Cosmetics guinea pigs after 4 weeks of daily therapy weight loss pills target discount slimex 15 mg with mastercard. Furthermore weight loss 7-day juice cleanse slimex 10mg for sale, several studies counsel that topical and oral types of ellagic acid may be efficient in preventing and treating hyperpigmentation weight loss pills san antonio discount 10 mg slimex with visa. Anti-wrinkle activity of Platycarya strobilacea extract and its utility as a cosmeceutical ingredient weight loss pills 2x cheap slimex 15 mg on line. The dietary hydrolysable tannin punicalagin releases ellagic acid that induces apoptosis in human colon adenocarcinoma Caco-2 cells by using the mitochondrial pathway. In vitro antioxidant and antiproliferative results of ellagic acid and its colonic metabolite, urolithins, on human bladder cancer T24 cells. Inhibitory impact of an ellagic acid-wealthy pomegranate extract on tyrosinase activity and ultraviolet-induced pigmentation. Effects of oral administration of ellagic acidrich pomegranate extract on ultraviolet-induced pigmentation within the human skin. Efficiency of ellagic acid and arbutin in melasma: A randomized, prospective, open-label study. Tolerance and efficacy of a product containing ellagic and salicylic acids in decreasing hyperpigmentation and darkish spots compared with four% hydroquinone. It is a crucial magnificence attribute that determines to a big extent how others understand us and how we understand ourselves, and it protects the body from dehydration, mechanical insults, and environmental stressors. Different classes of skin lipids of various complexity have been identified: free fatty acids, triglycerides, sterols, waxes, ceramides, fats soluble vitamins, phospholipids, and others. Disturbances in skin lipid composition and metabolism typically manifest themselves as skin issues. Clinical Evaluation Dry or Sensitive Healthy Skin Dry skin is a common criticism from ladies and men alike. The situation is the result of an impaired barrier operate resulting in an excessive loss of water by way of the skin. Atopic Eczema One important etiologic consider atopic eczema is a defect of the epidermal water barrier. The skin of atopic eczema sufferers has a significantly lower content of ceramide-1. The meta-analysis focused on itch and dryness because the variables of main interest. The magnitude of the consequences appeared to be decreased with concomitant topical steroid cream utilization. The meta-analysis included 27 studies with 1596 members and measured no important improvement in Global Score. Similar findings have been reported in peripheral blood monocytes in atopic asthma and allergic rhinitis sufferers22 and in umbilical wire blood in infants at risk of atopy, where the biochemical abnormality is proportional to the IgE ranges. In a doubleblind placebo-managed trial, alpine currant (Ribes alpinum) seed oil supplementation to pregnant and breastfeeding moms and to their infants after weaning resulted in a transient lower prevalence of atopic eczema on the age of 12 months however not at 24 months. The outcomes are in line with those of a double-blind placebo-managed trial by which the depth of dermatitis symptoms of atopic children aged between six months and four. With this routine the children were fully free from all skin symptoms within three­four weeks. Twenty-five wholesome children in an age-matched group without skin disorders were used as controls. Atopic eczema has a vigorous inflammatory element that contributes to redness and itching of the affected skin elements. Similarly, disruption of the permeability barrier in dry however wholesome skin by persistent irritation of environmental and way of life stressors is invariably accompanied by an irritation response. Low humidity amplifies the hyperproliferative and inflammatory response to barrier disruption and will clarify the seasonal exacerbation of dry skin and cutaneous disorders such as atopic eczema and psoriasis. The vicious circle may probably be maintained, as histamin itself is immunosuppressive and inhibits D6D. Of explicit significance is the impaired regulation of B-lymphocytes, the cells that are a minimum of partially answerable for the usually-observed excessive IgE-response and the IgE concentrations operate within the serum. Furthermore, D6D is a very vulnerable enzyme whose activity can be impaired genetically, by age, as well as by several dietary deficiencies and way of life habits. Skin prostaglandin D2, a modulator of skin reaction to irritants, was decreased to 10% of the wild type controls. Essential operate of linoleic acid esterified in acylglucosylceramide and acylceramide in sustaining the epidermal water permeability barrier. Evidence from feeding studies with oleate, linoleate, arachidonate, columbinate and alpha-linolenate. Induction of epidermal hyperproliferation by topical n-three polyunsaturated fatty acids on guinea pig skin linked to decreased ranges of thirteen-hydroxyoctadecadienoic acid (thirteen-hode). Gamma-linolenic acid: An intermediate in essential fatty acid metabolism with potential as an moral pharmaceutical and as a food. Potential of night primrose, borage, black currant, and fungal oils in human health. Dietary influences of night primrose and fish oil on the skin of essential fatty acid-deficient guinea pigs. Changes in transepidermal water loss and the composition of epidermal lecithin after purposes of pure fatty acid triglycerides to skin of essential fatty acid-deficient rats. Gamma-linolenic acid in borage oil reverses epidermal hyperproliferation in guinea pigs. Mouse peritoneal macrophage prostaglandin E1 synthesis is altered by dietary gamma-linolenic acid. A meta-analysis of randomized, placebo-managed medical trials of Efamol night primrose oil in atopic eczema. Linoleic acid metabolite ranges and transepidermal water loss in children with atopic dermatitis.

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To remain aggressive weight loss pills vitamins cheap 10 mg slimex mastercard, nonprofits should put money into upgrades Nonprofits and their Current Challenges Stories of financially distressed not-for-revenue hospitals are increasingly frequent weight loss pills mood enhancer purchase 10 mg slimex visa. In California weight loss pills from doctor order 10 mg slimex with mastercard, the Daughters of Charity Health System weight loss running plan generic 10mg slimex mastercard, which operates six hospitals in the Bay Area and Los Angeles County, and Doctors Medical Center, a community-owned security-web hospital in San Pablo, are engaged in ongoing, nicely-publicized efforts to maintain their operations via going-concern sales or elevated community assist. In Georgia, Hutcheson Medical Center, a nonprofit hospital in Oglethorpe, filed for chapter 11 chapter late last yr to stave off foreclosure makes an attempt by considered one of its collectors. For some nonprofits, above-market collective bargaining agreements and unfunded pension obligations could additional strain their coffers. The move from price-based to value-based government compensation Many nonprofits serve excessive percentages of Medicare and Medicaid patients and, thus, depend on government payments for the disproportionate bulk of their revenues. In the previous, hospitals had been paid for companies provided to these patients via traditional fee-for-service reimbursements. With Medicaid growth mandated, the amount of uncompensated care provided by hospitals was anticipated to decrease markedly. Burwell, which questions the legality of federal subsidies provided to people who enroll for insurance via federally-run insurance exchanges. Without such subsidies, some experts estimate that insurance premiums offered on the federal exchanges might increase by a median of 255% and, in some states, by as much as 774%, with roughly 7. Fiduciary Duties with respect to Solvent Nonprofits Nonprofit officers and administrators owe fiduciary duties to the nonprofit they serve. Under the most recent iteration of the Model Nonprofit Corporation Act, 8 the obligation of care requires a director of a nonprofit to perform his or her duties as a director in good religion and in a fashion the director moderately believes to be in the best pursuits of the nonprofit corporation. The obligation of care generally permits a director, in discharging his or her duties, to depend on info prepared or introduced by officers, staff, or volunteers of the nonprofit, authorized counsel, public accountants, committees of the board, and, in the case of a nonprofit engaged in non secular exercise, non secular authorities, provided these sources are believed to be dependable and competent and provided that the director not have information that makes reliance unwarranted. Like administrators, in discharging their duties, officers could depend on info prepared or introduced by certain other folks affiliated with the nonprofit, provided these sources are believed to be dependable and competent and provided that the officer not have information that makes reliance unwarranted. Fiduciary Duties with respect to Insolvent Nonprofits For decades, courts and authorized students have wrestled with whether and how the fiduciary duties of officers and administrators could change when their corporation is or may be bancrupt. While the concept of "owing" fiduciary duties to collectors was problematic in the for-revenue context, it was simply untenable when prolonged to nonprofit entities. The New Line of Cases Over the previous several years, a brand new line of Delaware choices- the most recent being the Quadrant opinion last yr-has broken from the old "zone of insolvency" and "shifting duties" cases in many materials respects. Rather, the fiduciary duties of officers and administrators always run to their corporation. Second, the Delaware courts now deem irrelevant whether an organization is in the amorphous "zone of insolvency. In Quadrant, for instance, the court docket dismissed derivative claims brought by senior collectors of the bankrupt company towards its administrators. The senior collectors asserted that the directors pursued the more speculative plan of action solely for the benefit of the junior debt and fairness holders, with which most of the administrators had been affiliated. No court docket has explicitly prolonged the rulings in Quadrant and its predecessor cases-all of which involved for-revenue firms-to a case involving an bancrupt nonprofit corporation. Though predating Quadrant and its line of cases, an opinion out of the United Healthcare System16 chapter case advanced such a place. A current Third Circuit opinion, then again, shows how extreme the results may be when nonprofit administrators breach their duties of care and loyalty and fail miserably to train affordable enterprise judgment. A jury returned a compensatory damages verdict towards 15 of the 17 defendants, collectively and severally, in the amount of $2. On enchantment, the Third Circuit affirmed all the jury verdicts, excluding the punitive damages verdict towards the five administrators. However, the court docket discovered no evidence that the directors had breached their obligation of loyalty. The absence of any evidence of self-dealing by the directors, the Third Circuit ruled, weighed heavily towards assessing punitive damages towards them. Nonprofit officers and administrators may be tempted to disregard Lemington based on the egregious set of details it presents. At its core, Lemington is an extreme instance of a quite frequent reality sample seen when an organization is financially and operationally distressed. The disengagement of administrators can be a particular problem with nonprofits, especially if the nonprofit or the directors themselves have traditionally considered board membership as more of an honorary place than one entailing severe oversight and determination-making duty. The holdings in the current Delaware line of cases and in United Healthcare stand in stark contrast to Lemington. Those opinions present that officers and administrators of an bancrupt company-together with nonprofit hospitals and well being methods- Conclusion healthlawyers. To be properly informed, regular board conferences have to be had and administration reports made. He advises purchasers in the well being care business on joint venture formation, common regulatory issues, company issues, and the acquisition and sale of amenities. He especially enjoys solving troublesome problems in complex transactions and in the joint venture context. He represents debtors, lenders, indenture trustees, and other collectors in chapter cases and receivership proceedings and in out-of-court docket negotiated exercises, mortgage restructurings, and orderly liquidations involving privately and publicly owned borrowers. Bender has developed particular expertise representing collectors, debtors, buyers, and buyers of financially troubled well being care suppliers. Model Nonprofit Corporation Act, Third Edition (American Bar Association, Section on Business Law, Committee on Nonprofit Corporations, 2008) (Model Act). Gordon, the Fiduciary Duties of Healthcare Directors in the "Zone of Insolvency," J.

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Attention has also targeted on the changing value of children because of nineteenth-century obligatory education laws and factory acts limiting child labor (Doepke weight loss pills 2014 reviews buy cheap slimex 10 mg on line, 2004; Puerta weight loss on whole30 cheap 15mg slimex amex, 2009) weight loss pills discount 10mg slimex overnight delivery. Recently weight loss 300 lbs to 200 lbs cheap slimex 15 mg free shipping, Greenwood, Seshadri, and Vandenbroucke (2005) have explored the influence of labor-saving family expertise on fertility, while Doepke, Hazan, and Maoz (2007) argue that one-off adverse shocks to the value of feminine labor can result in giant increases in fertility. We current the primary financial model during which the European Marriage Pattern arises endogenously, in response to a optimistic, giant shock to revenue. Our modeling exercise is within the spirit of what has been called "Institutional and Comparative Historical 8 Recent work utilizing disaggregated data for Bavaria and for France has questioned this conclusion (Brown and Guinnane, 2001; Murphy, 2006). We generate huge fertility restriction and not using a role for human capital, in distinction to fashions within the spirit of Barro and Becker (1989). Also, heterogeneity in wages or tastes performs no role in our model (Jones, Schoonbroodt, and Tertilt, 2008). Our strategy emphasizes feminine alternative value, as decided by modifications within the structure of agricultural manufacturing following the Black Death. Papers in this custom typically assume that as progress takes off, the return to human capital rises (Becker, Murphy, and Tamura, 1990; Lucas, 2002; Jones, 2001). Instead, we emphasize the potential for fertility to change substantially previous to the "take-off. We argue that high grain productivity in China prevented the adoption of pastoral agriculture. Our theoretical setup shares some similarities with Galor and Weil (1996), where the complementarity between capital and labor is stronger for women than for men. For believable parameter values, the identical shock to land-labor ratios can result in the adoption of very completely different agricultural and fertility regimes in Europe and China. We first summarize the out there proof concerning the rise of fertility limitation, and then examine the connection between nuptiality and the organization of agricultural manufacturing. Next, we summarize the existing proof on changing consumption patterns after the Black Death. Finally, we compare European and Chinese fertility patterns and agricultural norms. Fernandez-Villaverde (2001) presents a model during which the declining relative worth of capital through the Industrial Revolution raises ability premia, and thus generates incentives to commerce child quality for quantity. An preliminary achieve in capital depth leads to fertility decline by way of an increase within the alternative value of feminine time. Rather, we emphasize the emergence of a brand new establishment that underpins completely larger incomes. To observe its evolution, we would wish detailed info on the proportion of women never marrying, and the age at (first) marriage for women. This is because the proportion of females never married can solely be established by way of family reconstitutions, which observe cohorts over the complete life cycle. In the European parts of the Roman Empire, it was 12-15 for pagan girls, and somewhat larger for Christian girls. Age at marriage in medieval occasions appears to be have been somewhat larger than in Roman occasions, however not by a big margin. For a bunch of Lincolnshire villages, Hallam (1985) estimated ages at first marriage for women of round 20. Because the proportion never marrying is difficult to set up, we have to have a look at the proportion of women unmarried as an alternative. What is obvious is that each a wedding age above the organic age of fertility, and a pattern of some women never marrying, in all probability had its origins in some areas no less than within the period before the 14th century (Laslett and Wall, 1972). According to Hajnal (1965, 1982), certainly one of its key elements is the postponement of marriage until age 25 and beyond. England within the early fashionable period registered a mean age at first marriage for women of 26 years, and 17. Scandinavia saw even larger ages at first marriage, however total fertility charges where greater than in England. Table 2 reveals marital fertility by age group, for Hutterites (a modern-day Canadian sect working towards no birth control), Western Europe before 1800, and China. Chinese fertility inside marriage was low largely because of infanticide, as we discuss under. In 18th century Germany, some 20% of women married aged 30 and over (Knodel, 1988). The difference is pushed by a higher percentage of women never marrying in England. As financial circumstances worsened, the system grew to become more restrictive with respect to marriage. As life expectancy fell and circumstances grew to become much less favorable, partly beneath the influence of declining land-labor ratios in England after 1600, the age at marriage increased, and gross reproduction charges fell (Wrigley and Schofield, 1981; Wrigley et al. There are many reasons to believe that fertility restriction by way of late marriage was voluntary. Children had been relatively independent from their mother and father by their teenage years, and became totally legally independent at age 21 ­ lengthy before the common age of marriage. Early marriages occurred, with the primary age at marriage for women starting from 16 to forty five (Clark, 2007). While the authorities tried to elevate age at marriage ­ by having prolonged apprenticeships, for example ­ there have been plenty of methods to ignore or circumvent restrictions, especially within the larger cities (Ingram, 1985; Clark, 2007). Nor is there proof that the "ardour between the sexes" (as Malthus called it) was any much less acute in early fashionable Europe than elsewhere. One out of seven marriages in seventeenth century England was followed by the bride giving start inside 8 months; the proportion may attain as much as forty% (Wrigley and Schofield, 1981). Campbell (2000) argued that before the plague and the starvation crises of the early 14th century, output per head in English agriculture was falling. Immediately after the preliminary shock in 1348-9, prices of foodstuff collapsed by forty five %, while cash wages increased by 25% (Campbell, 2000).