Robotics Research

This project is a very exciting project for me because my background is in Computer Engineering with a focus on Embedded systems. I was given the opportunity to begin creating a set of “modules” to get students started with learning Electronics.

We all know that Robotics can be used to teach topics such as STEM. Electronics is the foundation to any robot. Due to the advancement in technology, electronic devices can now contain hundreds of small integrated circuits.

This project, called “Introduction to Embedded Systems”, is created to help students understand the different parts of a circuit. It contains step-by-step electronic labs as well as worksheets which will teach topics such as “Ohm’s Law” which is essential to building a foundation in calculating Voltage, Current, and Resistance.

Using scaffolding, the lessons will continually build on concepts such as series and parallel combination circuits to get to a point where students will understand more complex material such as Semiconductors and Integrated Chips. Building a solid foundation of the basic concepts (of Circuits) will allow students to go through a final Capstone Project, as traditionally done in many other Robotics Academy products.